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At the Personalized Medicine Foundation, we’re on a mission to empower patients with complex illnesses through information, support and community. Progress in genetics, genomics and precision medicines is rapidly changing optimal diagnosis and treatment. At PMF, we want to support all patients in their understanding of how these advances could impact their treatment options.

PMF is Dedicating to Helping You and Your Loved Ones

Cancer First Call helped me when I needed it most. The information that the physician navigator discussed with me was invaluable in my treatment decision making process.

Allen W, Sarasota, FL

I have read about your organization and what they do. Please be assured that for us you have made an amazing difference. You have lit the light at the end of the tunnel. We so appreciate the work you and your colleagues do.

Our sincere thanks, AG

I can’t Thank You enough for responding to me and my questions especially in such a fast manner with a thorough explanation.  I have never met you before but you seem like an INCREDIBLE Doctor who Truly Cares! Thx for all you do Dr. Weaver and taking the time to help me understand my situation.

JH Oregon

Thanks to Cancer First Call, I got a second opinion and additional testing which changed my treatment options.

Sarah T, Greensboro, NC

Thank you for your informative message and details that allow me to better understand the test. It is a relief to know that this test may not be applicable to me congratulations on your exciting work! You are making a wonderful difference in our world!

Ellen Boston MA

When my husband was first diagnosed, we were absolutely overwhelmed. PMF resources helped us during a very difficult time.

Tina R, Corvallis, MT

Thank you so much for your quick and informative response! It is reassuring that there are professionals like you Dr. Weaver offering to help sift through the possible diagnostics and treatments in a disease that affect so many people.

Sincerely and with gratitude,
Beatriz Durand

Executive Director: Charles H. Weaver, MD, is a medical oncologist who received his medical training at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, National Institutes of Health, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Initially as Scientific Officer and later as Chief Medical Officer of a oncology physician research network he created the clinical trials research program developed cancer treatment strategies and pathways, and oversaw physician and patient education. He founded CancerConnect in 1998, aWomansHealth in 2007 where he served as medical editor overseeing the development of award-winning, educational content and applications in oncology.

Dr. Weaver is significantly involved with Cancer Advocacy, Education and Women’s Health issues, having appeared on The Today Show to discuss these issues. He has written extensively on all aspects of cancer management, and is the Executive Editor and Publisher of Women Magazine and aWomansHealth which is dedicated to covering cancer prevention, treatment and wellness issues for all women.

Dr Weaver is the chief moderator of the CancerConnect social community accessed by over 50,000 cancer patients and used by leading advocacy groups and cancer centers including Harvard – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, UCSF, Ohio State and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to support their patients and caregivers with information, support, and inspiration.

Dr. Weaver’s initial clinical research interests included stem cell transplantation in breast cancer and lymphomas where he authored ~ 75 articles in major medical journals including the Journal of Clinical OncologyBloodCancerBone Marrow Transplantation and the New England Journal of Medicine. He has given grand rounds and lectured internationally on stem cell treatments at The University of London, The University of Heidelberg, Duke, Stanford, Georgetown, and over 100 other cancer centers.

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